Microlight Aero Team

Geurt "Pulse"

Geurt is our Team Captain and joined the team in 1991.
Geurt was one of the “pioneers” of microlight flying in the Netherlands and owns a microlight license since 1983.
As the team captain, Geurt is responsible for coaching the individual team members and optimizing the “team spirit”.
He is director/owner of DKS, a company specialized in measurements in the building industry.
Geurt was born in 1947, lives in Breda and has more than 1000 flying hours on microlights.
He is married to Ria, has a son Jeroen, plays church organ and likes to work on his house in Breda.


Ton "Metal"

In the early 90’s, Ton became interested in microlight flying.
As most team members, he learned to fly at “Budel Airport”.
in 1992, he joined the Microlight Aero Team and is now leading the formations in “MAT one”. With over 500 flying hours on microlight aircraft, he is an experienced and respected team member.
In daily life, Ton is director/owner of “Van Bussel Metaaltechniek”, a company specialized in processing stainless steel.
Ton is chairman of the “Microlight Aero Team Foundation” and is also participating in aircraft maintenance.
Besides being a microlight pilot, Ton is a singer in a local group, likes gardening and playing tennis. Ton was born in 1954, married to Caroline and the proud father of three beautiful daughters: Christel, Ellis and Ivon.


Ruud "Connect"

In 1991, Ruud became acquinted with Microlight Flying.
After an introduction flight, he was “hooked” on this relative new airsport.
During his training period, Ruud joined the Microlight Aero Team as ground crew member. He saw a lot of displays watching from the ground together with his wife Yvonne, before finally joining the team as a pilot.
In a short period of time, he earned himself a permanent position in formation flying on the “MAT four”.
Ruud works at a large company dealing with data communication.
Within the team, Ruud is responsible for ground handling : at airshows organizing hangarspace, fuel, hotel accommodations etc..


Jurgen "Trade"

He could say “airplane” before “daddy”. Made paper airplanes when he was three. Built radio controlled airplanes when he was 12 and flew a microlight for the first time when he was 16. His ongoing interest for everything that has to do with flying, keeps him enthousiastic.
He was born in Best in 1970 and as most team members, did his flight training at “Budel Airport”. Since the team’s start-up, he is a team member. Jurgen is the “Flightcommander”, leading the team during the displays. Besides that, he deals with flight preparation and planning the foreign flying trips.
He is director/owner of BudgetCaravan. A lot of time for other hobbies doesn’t remain, although he likes to surf the World Wide Web until late at night.
Jurgen is married to Imke, and the father of daughter Robin and son Martijn.



Erwin "Iron"

Erwin is our youngest member.

Het received his "solo" a few weeks ago and is doing lots of study on the theoretical part of flying.
Erwin also works in the metal business and is maried to Elsmarie and proud father of son Simon.

Luc "Hotel"

To Luc, flying a microlight is a dream come true. As most “MAT pilots”, he acquired his license at “Budel Airport”. Since 1989, he has flown more than 850 hours.
In 1991, Luc won the Dutch National Championship for microlights. Since the start of the Microlight Aero Team, Luc is the “Public Relations Officer”. It is his responsibility to promote the team and organize demonstrations at flying shows and other events.
In daily life, Luc runs a hotel (chambre d'hote) in the south of France together with his wife Marja.
Besides flying, he likes to play the slide trombone. He was born in 1960, married to Marja and father of Eva, Raoul and Isabelle.
Rob "Travel"

is almost the for last member that joined the team, and is also the youngest.
Therefore, he often joins the ground crew to assist the “MAT pilots” at flight shows. Rob always had an urge to fly, but only recently “ discovered” microlight flying at “Budel Airport”.
With his body length of 2.07 m., he proves that even a tall guy fits in a microlight.
In daily life, Rob owns a business "Deltaservices" a company specialized in equipment for the PCB industry.
He lives in Denmark together with his wife Berit and daughter Anouk.

Wilko "Tech"

Wilko was born in 1975 and has developt a great passion for technik.

As a child he was always working with tools. Wilko started his flight training a few weeks ago and hopes to be a full team member in a few months.

Untill this moment his main activity is maintenance and other technical parts on our machines.
Wilko is married with Christel and has a son called "Ward".

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